Easy Install from a outlet+switch in 1


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Easy Install from a outlet+switch in 1 upgrade disaster??

I recently replaced a faulty switch/outlet that turns on a disposable sink. The outlet is always on.

I decided to add expand and add 1 (double ) outlet and a separate switch.. I've spent hours and don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Old setup that worked :

This was a 1 single outlet 15a and switch in 1 gain box which had two white wires on the left(tied together in single white screw) and the 2 black were each connected one on top and the other black at the bottom ( each on it's own bronze screw..)

There are total of 2 pair white cables total coming that box.
1 white, 1 black and 1 ground on one cable and the same on 2nd cable 1 white and black and ground.

I currently added 1single outlet (double outlets 20amp) and a 20 amp single switch.... I got it working on several setups... however it only works when i turn on the switch............ but when I do the outlet and disposable turn on the same time..... how do I make the outlet ALWAYS ON, and have the disposable work when I hit the switch??? instead off everything coming on when I hit the switch?
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I have made a diagram, but I guess I can't upload it. this seems a very easy complex swap out, but I think something wirings are jacked up or I'm doing something wrong, Now I can't even get the outlet to work by it self, only the rest of circuit works, lights , other outlest that apperently are in between, I even had volts reading from the end of switch that supposedly had no power...No sure what it going on at this point...... help ....!!
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The power in black needs to go to the side with a tab between the two brass screws. The black wire to the disposal need to go to the brass screw on the other side of the switch.. There should be a pigtail from the white to the silver screw on the receptacle.

(It sounds like you got the disposal black on the side where the two brass screws are connected by a tab.)

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