Wiring my basement


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Wiring my basement

I am in the process of finishing my basement and I wanted ot ask if any one has any suggestions for running wiring and lighting for a basement.

1) What is the best gage to use?
2) Do I need a special cacing?
3) What is the best lighting to use?


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14-gauge wire on a 15-amp circuit is typical for lighting circuits. But it might be simpler for you to use all 12-gauge wire on 20-amp circuits. It will save you the trouble of dealing with two different kinds of wire. 20-amp circuits give 33% more power for a small extra cost. The cable is a bit more difficult to work with, but that's probably only of concern to someone for whom speed is critical. Be sure to use the largest boxes you can find so that the connections will be easier.

I don't know what "cacing" is. And I cannot even guess.

Surface mount 4-foot fluorescent tube fixtures give you the most bang for the buck (lumens for the watt and dollar), and are easy to install. However, it requires sufficient headroom and not everybody likes the quality of the light. Recessed can lights are less efficient, but produce a more eligant look (in my opinion). Almost any fixture has a following by somebody in some situations.
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In the basement typically if that room or area will be used alot get in Flourscent luminaire you will get the most of the light for bang of the buck.

Surface mounted flourscent luminaries will be my first choice otherwise recessed luminaires is next choice however if you go with recessed luminaire route make sure you are aware with the plumming or ductwork in the way you may want to move one spot or other.

For recessed luminaire my choice will be .,

1) Hardwired CFL { not the screw in type bulb }

2) Indentscent bulbs { pay attetions to details espcally with the trim type some trim will affect the rating of the bulb you can use }

3) Screw in CFL bulb this part normally pretty close to bottom of my list due some of the screw in CFL bulbs are not rated to work in the recessed luminaries also some will not work with dimmer that the other thing you will have to make a note of that.

4) this item is pretty new it just came out in market LED verison myself I don't have much details on this but heard it save engery yeah but brightness that part I don't know about it unless someone else know about this can chime in.

The word "Cacing" I am lost on that one can you explain to me and John Nelson we both are confused on this matter.

However there are few options you can use for basement luminaire choice and it pretty wide slection depending on what you plan to use for.

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I believe the Op might mean casing. I think they might be asking about the wiring method to be used, like NM-B or MC.

It would be nice for the OP to clarify.

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