need help finding correct soldering tip

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Arrow need help finding correct soldering tip

I am hoping this is the right forum to ask in because I was unable to find the information I am looking for elsewhere. I bought a pretty basic 30watt soldering iron a couple years back. I am not into serious electronics tinkering and have probably used the iron 5 times in two years.

Well, I once again need to try and use it to undertake a pretty basic resolder on a motherboard and need to find a much more precise tip for this iron to attempt the repair.

I went to Radio Shack since it was the place I bought it originally but they were not helpful or knowledgeable at all. The two tips they sold that would fit this iron just won't suffice for my need so I asked them what measurement or diameter tip would fit the iron so I could find a 3rd party replacement. They had no idea.

The iron is model number 64-2067C and I can't find much information on it.
The original tip screws into the iron but there appears to be a screw near the front of the iron although I am not sure if it is part of the assembly or meant to secure another sort of non-threaded solder tip.

Can anyone tell if there is some sort of standardized tip that would fit it and if so what specifications I would go by to find one. Or is this iron just meant to use proprietary Radioshack tips?

(dunno what's with this forum and not letting me post a link so add the http and dot)
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Not sure if this will be much help but do you still have the owners manual? If so, check that out for available tips.
You could also check out your yellow pages for electronics suppliers in your area and maybe they have something for you.

Good luck!
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If you're soldering a board like that you'll want to use a 15 watt iron and of course you'll have different tips sizes that I think will work for you.

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A 30-watt iron will fry a computer mobo no matter the size of the tip. Screw-on tips are still available for the RadShack stuff, which was made by either Weller or Unger.

You really need a controlled 5 - 15 watt solder station to work on today's board-level components.

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