need help wiring it myself

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need help wiring it myself

what is the requirement off the floor for outlets and swicthes also how far apart on the outlets
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JME, welcome to the forum.

I can answer your simple questions (if I correctly guess what country you live in), but the fact that you asked them indicates a urgent need for some good books. I suggest you start with the inexpensive green paperback, Wiring Simplified, available in most home centers.

I'll guess you live in the U.S., but please fill in the location field of your profile for best advice.

In general, you can put receptacles anywhere you want--on the floor, in the baseboard, near the floor, in the middle of the wall, high on the wall, or even in the ceiling. To count as one of the required receptacles in general-purpose rooms (excluding kitchens, bathrooms, garages, etc.), you need to put them no higher than 5.5 feet off the floor.

In the same general-purpose rooms, receptacles must be no farther than 12 feet apart and you need one within 6 feet of each door opening.

What I have given you is a very, very, very simplified view of the rules. There are many exceptions and special conditions. These are all well covered in the book I recommended.

If you give us your city and many, many more details of your project, we can help you focus in on the rules that apply to your specific case. That's where the value of this forum really comes in--dealing with one very specific problem--rather than trying to type in the entire code book covering every possible situation.
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So far as spacing outlets, the general idea with codes is that you will never need to use an extension cord. This equals safety.

However there is a practical side of this and I feel there is NEVER enough outlets nor are there enough available outlets where you need them!

Then for some reason, those who design homes and buildings discriminate against hallways when it comes to placing electrical outlets there! Don't you need to vacuum the hallway every now and then?

With that said and my knowing the above, I proceeded to remodel my living room. In some places I have outlets every two feet! I made darn sure I had plenty of outlets and outlets everywhere I might possibly need them...

Well that was many years ago and I now have a lot more gadgets and some outlets filled to the brim with plugs!

The heavy use areas are on either side of the couch, where phone jacks are located, and the biggie is where the TV jack is located.

The outlets I plug/unplug things into the most are where there is no furniture or next to a door. Nothing blocking these, so those get used for temporary things like the vacuum a lot.

On one end of the couch I have a light, phone, cell phone charger, subwoofer, air cleaner, and an electric cigarette rolling machine.

So that's 6 things to plug into two duplex outlets within 2 feet and no extra left over for the vacuum!

I wish I had installed two 4-plex outlets there or outlets every 1 ft., then I would have a free plug for the vacuum!

Anyway think about what all you will need to have plugged in where. Think about all those gadgets we have these days, and don't forget the vacuum!
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In addition to the above, any wallspace 2 foot or greater would require a receptacle, even if behind the door swing. Also a hallway that measures 10 foot or more along the centerline need a receptacle.

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