New 200A Service 1000 Ft away! Feeder size?


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New 200A Service 1000 Ft away! Feeder size?

Planing to build a new house. 200 Amp service to be used. 1000 ft away from utility pole. Have to go under ground. Can I still use table 310.15(B)(6)? That would be copper 2/0!! What about Voltage Drop calculations? Do I use the formula 2 x L x R x I / 1000? That would be 2 x 1000 ft x .0967 x 200 A / 1000 = 38 volts for a voltage drop? or a 16% drop. Do I need a 750 mcm wire to get my VD down to 3%?
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305 Metre long !?? { 1,000 Ft }

Wow that pretty long run really I suggest that you talk to the POCO to see if they can bring thier system much closer to your house that way you will have reduced the voltage drop and some case it cheaper to have POCO bring it than try to buried 600 KCM { 300MM˛} up to your house.

check with them first before you go that route.

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2 conductor(s) per phase utilizing a 750 kcmil Copper conductor will limit the voltage drop to 2.81% or less when supplying 200 amps for 1000 feet on a 240 volt system. But that 750 copper is going to cost you. Before I bought +- 1000' of 750 copper I would check with Power company to see if they can bring power closer to you. Hope this helps you.
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I agree with checking with the POCO. Putting a transformer closer to your place would save a lot in the long run (no pun intended ) Just for note you can parallel the wires. Would be much easier to work on if you have to use that size wire. Also, I have two words for you: Direct burial.
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I too second (or third) the recommendation that you get the power company to install a primary closer to the house. A thousand feet is a really long distance for a 240V service. As the others have mentioned, you're looking at 750 kcmil copper conductors or two sets of 500 kcmil aluminum conductors. These will cost you a fortune and are very tough to work with. On top of that, most off the shelf meter bases and panels will not accept conductors that large, so you may need to special order commercial-grade gear. Is the distance just over or just under 1000'? This is an important consideration as wire this size generally comes on 1000' reels and you don't want waste or underground splices if possible.
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