220 to 110 rewire

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220 to 110 rewire

I can wire a 220 easy enough at the plug and panel....
Some table saws come wired 220 but can run on 110. what is it going to look like at the motor and what is the procedure to convert to 110 at the saw.?? I assume all modern saws come with 4 wire. Thanks.
links with pics just for table saws good...
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If you give us a lot more information one of the pros will be able to help. All motors don't have 4 wires. You need to state the motor make and model number. When you go from 240v to 120v you double the amps. Motors over 1hp can not generally be run on a 120v general purpose 20a line. Often 240v is the better choice. Tell us exactly what you are trying to do and someone may be able to help.
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Like Ray, I would question why you would want to change to 120v. I run all my shop equipment that can be converted to 220v. I am not saving electricity or anything, but acquire alot quicker spool up speeds and less bogging.
We need to know the brand and model of the saw before we can make a guess. On craftsman saws it is a matter of opening the pecker head and changing two jumper bars, and replacing the plug to a 20 amp 120 volt plug. Others may be a little more complicated. Also, most times the cover of the pecker head has the rewire instructions printed on it.
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Let get few facts straght here .,

as Chandler and Ray been expaining along the way here let me fill in little more here

All modern table saw useally are 3 wire format but two diffrent voltage connection depending on the size of it.

Most resdentail table saw will be wired either 120 or 240 volt format and far for connection there is so many diffrent format of connection you will need to look at the motor manufacter nameplate and see the wiring diagram as far I know there is about 4 to 8 diffrent connection conferation on single phase motor { I am not going into three phase side you will get lost on that part }

Now if you want to reconferaged from 240 to 120 volts you will have to keep in your mind the current will be double over on 240 volt and there is not very large numbers of high horsepower motor can run on 120 v 20 amp circuit unless you have delcated circuit for it.

But be warned with high power tools if on 120 volt expect the lights will get dim when the motor bring up to running speed and if you have anything else on the 120 v circuit the odds of tripping the breaker is pretty high during starting period.

And the starting current drawage will go high as 6 X of running amps so like example if your motor rated at 15 amp at 120 volt during starting up it will kick up to much as 90 amp for few seconds.

Now for your panel is your garage is attached or detached ?

If you have plenty room in subpanel IMO better off keep it on 240 volts the lights will be less sentive to flickering and eaiser for the motor to bring up the speed.


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