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Generator Panel

HI Guys,

I am installing a generator panel, Seimens type. I plan on running smurf tube from my service panel to the Generator panel (50' away). In the tube I will run most of my circuits that I want on the generator (bedrooms and bath rooms).

However, the refridgerator and garage circuits are closer to the sub panel so I will wire them directly to the generator panel. I will install a separate ground system for the generator panel. (2 copper rods, 10' in length and 6' apart, #6 bare wire with acorn type clamp).

My questions are:

1) do I need to run the ground wire from the bedrooms through the tube and terminate at the sub panel? They are grounded at the service panel. Or can I get by with running H/N from the service panel to the sub panel. This will allow me to run only 1 tube and stay below the 40% fill requirement.

2) does the generator panel need to have ground and neutral separated (unbonded)? I assume it does as the generator panel is nothing more than a sub panel.

3) the service line from the main panel to generator panel, I will use #2 THHN H-H-N. I will put this in some type of raceway too depending on fill requirments. Do I need to run a ground wire as well from generator panel to the main panel?

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You seem to be up to speed on fill requirements. Have you also studied derating requirements? If not, do so now.
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1) You will need at least one full sized ground wire in the smurf.
2) Why are you installing the ground system for the generator panel?
3) The feeder conduit will require an equipment ground.
4) Grounds and neutrals will need to be separated in the egn panel.
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YES you do need to run ground from main to sub. But the sub neutral and ground buss need to remain unbonded. You do not need to install additional ground rods to sub panel as the sub shares the same ground as the main. All you need to do is pull at least a #10 ground from the main panel to the subpanel, but if it was me I would use at least a #6 ground just to make sure it was sufficient for anything I ever wanted to run off the sub.

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