Wiring up an Old Air compressor internally


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Wiring up an Old Air compressor internally

Got this baby today.. and it's wired for 115v

Well I was planning on someday getting an upright 60gallon with single or three-phase 230v so I wired an outlet up for it a while ago.

The outlet is all set, it's ready for single phase 230v however I can make it back to 3 phase in a jiff since i have a capped off neutral behind the plate.

All I need to do is rewire internally for it so that the pressure switch works and the thermal protection works etc.

I looked at the schematic included on the little AC motor cover and it doesn't really make sense to me unfortunately.

Was hoping someone could shed some light and perhaps tell me where to hook what up to.

here are the all the pictures/info I thought would be pertinent to the task.

Thanks in advance!
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I can pretty much make out how to wire it up via the diagram but i'm fuzzy on where the pressure switch is going to hook up.. can it just stay in the same place?

I know single-phase 240 is two hots and no neutral however can i just put the switch between one hot and it will be ok? Or do you have to have both lines switched by the pressure switch.. and if so.. how?

currently on the 120v setup.. the pressure switch is between the hot line in.
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Move white to 5 (from 4)
Brown to 6 (from 5)

Hook it up to 230V single phase, no neutral needed.

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The pressure switch will just keep switching the hot. Just one of them. That is all that is needed. Follow D_S_K's advice.
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It is a very simple change over and follow DSK advice and the diagram on the motour is very clear and it can not go wrong with that.

However that motour you have there it is a single phase not three phase due 90% of the North America resdentail supply is single phase.


P.S. If you have legit three phase supply the best thing is let the electrician deal with that due there are so many diffrent way to hook up properly and it don't take much to get screw up.
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ya, I thought that three phase meant 2 hots a neutral and a ground.. obviously i was wrong.. after some googling i found that out.

Anyway.. I wired it up just like under the cover said.. and didn't change anything on the pressure switch and it works like a champ

Thanks.. who knew the directions were proper

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