Loose Connection?


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Loose Connection?


First time poster on here - and this might be a really simple question or one where you just tell me to go away and find more information.

Basically, I've been helping a friend set up a tropical aquarium in her house. The aquarium has a "junction box" - which has 4 eurpoean style 2 pin plugs. Each one of these plugs is labelled as 5A/250V~. Each socket has an associated on/off switch and is wired into a common cable. This cable has a normal UK style plug with a 3A fuse.

I've installed a filter and thermostat and a light - all of which have 2 pin plugs. All of the plugs have written on them 2.5A/250V~. I plugged them all in and they all worked. When I then turned the light off at the switch, it turned off the other appliances - as if the fuse had gone or they had tripped. Now they won't turn back on at all. I've replaced the fuse in the uk style plug, even though it didn't appear to be blown - but this has made no difference. Sometimes by touching the wires from the 2 pin sockets that feed the common cable, the light will flicker back on momentarilly - does this suggest that there is a loose connection? Or a break in the circuit?

How can I tell, and what tests can I use?

Any help or advice very gratefully received!

Thanks in advance.
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Okie .,

Try this set up.

Get a table lamp and plug into the wall socket { receptale } and test to see if your table luminaire do come on if that light up then you have broken connection or fuse not properly set in right and I know some of the UK plugs are very picky with the fuse so make sure you have correct cartage fuse there.

The reason why I ask to use the table luminaire and just plug it driect to wall socket not the socket strip first the reason why I do that to elemated the issue if that table light do come on irregualr or flickering then you have loose connection.

The loose connection will depending on which type of circuit you have I know it come in two format The Ring or The Radial formats the ring is little trickier to troubleshoot but radial format is very easy to find it and you will have to check couple rose box AKA junction box.

Once you find it and tighten up however keep in your mind there is two colour codes so watch out on the format

The old colour code is:

Black - netural
Red - Live { hot or active }

new one is

Bleu - netural
Brown - Active { live or hot }


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