switched outlet wiring help


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switched outlet wiring help

So I'm in the process of replacing the outlets in the house. The old ones were getting really worn and wouldn't hold the plug in very well.

I've got a bunch of outlets replaced already, but I'm at a switched outlet that I can't figure out. I have one set of wires coming in the box (black, white, red and ground) and have another set of black, white and red wires leaving. Seven wires total including the coupled ground.

Down the wall a little way there's another outlet box that has black, white, red and ground coming into the box and black, white and ground leaving. This outlet has the red wire connected to the top brass wire insert and two black wires connected to the bottom. The white wires are connected to the bottom silver wire inserts.

So on the outlet box that has the 7 wires where do I connect the red wires? The white wires (neutral) go to the silver screws. The ground goes to the green screw. The black wires (hot) go to the brass screws?? The fin/tab on the brass side has been broken to create a separate feed. So do the red wires go to each one of the brass screws with the black (hot wires)? or do both red wires go to the top brass screw and both black wires go to the bottom?
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Red wires tied to a pigtail. Pigtail to one of the brass screws. Black wires tied together to a pigtail. black pigtail to other brass screw. Whites to silver.

It is best to not use the backstabs, They can be unreliable and are more pron to failure. Instead when you have two wires to one screw tie the two wires to a pigtail and run the pigtail to the screw.

On the second receptacle break the brass tab and pigtail the two black wires to one brass screw and the red wire to the other brass screw.

As you mentioned in your post be sure to break the tab on the brass side of switched receptacles.. Silver tab remains intact.

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At the receptacle with the 2 pairs of b/r/w you can either have it 1/2 switch controlled, all switch controlled, or with no switch control.

If you want it to be 1/2 switched follow Rays instructions but break out the brass tab between the 2 screws.

If you do not want any switch control just wirenut the reds together and do not connect to the receptacle.

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