Static Electricity


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Static Electricity

Hey all,

Was looking thru forums to find some where to post this question, but didn't really see a stand out section.

Question: What are some ways to reduce static electricity within a house and/or car?

very bad within my house all times of the year.

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Home - raise the humidity, quit dragging your feet on the carpet, Using static reducing spray on carpets.

Car - they used to sell static straps but I don't know if they are still available The compound in modern tires should help drain the static charge.

I'm sure others will chime in so check back often.
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There's not much to do other than to use a humidifier.
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I've seen (and done it) that you can spray the carpets with a very light solution of liquid fabric softener and water. Something like 1 teaspoon per quart...not sure. Only lasts for a few days, if that, but its a nice temporary fix. Cheaper than any of the commercially available stuff. Smells nice

I'd think you'd have plenty of humidity in NJ, unless you keep it really cold in the summer and have electric appliances. Gas appliances add water to the air as the are used.

For can buy a braided ground strap of the right length and attach it somewhere to the body where it just touches the ground.
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It's odd that it would be a problem in the summer time unless you wear wool socks and drag them over a carpet before you hit the light switch or volume control.
It helps if electronics are grounded and if your stereo is ungrounded, adding one might help.

You might want to get a good digital hygrometer and keep track of the humidity levels.
This may help you come up with a solution.

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