Inverter ??? Anyone got a idea


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Inverter ??? Anyone got a idea

Looking to add to my System Always need more panels but $$$$ are too much. First off my family runs a third generation remote drift boat Salmon Steelhead fishing guide service on the Klickitat riverWa.State. We are off the grid of course. I think another inverter will take care of my problems but as always its the $$$$ I will have to part with.

My problem--- My 8000 watt generator keep flipping the breaker when washer will pump goes on. My 2400 watt Trace inverter can handle the load on its own but I want to charge with generator while running the house.

My idea is to buy another inverter and add it too my system.

First off let me tell you about my system so you could possibly trouble shoot my idea.

My system consist off 2400 trace inverter---24 volt
8000 watt generator
L-16 6 volt battery bank in 24 volt series
Voltage regulator set to dump power so i don't blow up my batteries. 4 100 watt 24--volt panels , need more!!
Hydro 150 ft head 2 inch pipe, this thing has worked awesome for years mid Nov. through Mar. keeps battery's full.

What I am running computer power saver light bulbs, TV, washing machine, Propane cloth dryer, dish washer (with heat drying cycle off), chest freezer, 110 will pump. two cabins for customers but just lights for them and much more of course but we are careful not too run lots at once as the inverter could not handle it.

Here is my idea----- Run a second inverter for my will and cabins off the same battery bank Turn down both inverters rate of charge controllers so I have more amps for my house will and cabins I believe this would charge my batteries good plus not throw the generator breaker. I could pull 220 of my generator then turn it into 110 then send 110 too each inverter. one inverter would run my house the other would run the will and cabins and i believe would not trip my generator breaker as the 220 would give me 60 amps and then 30 amps too each inverter after converting it too 110.

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Welcome to the forums.

You are powering quite a few devices off that generator. Does the pump trip the breaker if there is nothing else on?

Which breaker is tripping?

How is power distributed? (120v to the appliances and battery charger, and 24v to everything else?)
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