Convert AC machine to DC

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Convert AC machine to DC

Help, I have a halloween project that I need advice on. I am new to electronics.

I have a 400w 120vac fog machine that normally plugs into a wall socket. This model

I want to be able to carry it around with me on halloween. What type of DC power do I need? I assume i need some type of inverter?

If I get a 12v dc battery, are there options? I can't really carry a car battery around all night, as they are super heavy. What are my other options? Could I use one of my rechargeable drill batteries? would they last?

Do I need a 400w power inverter? or more to be safe?

I don't really understand how it all works, so I am asking all of you for help.

Basically size, power and cost are my three limiters... any advice is appreciated...

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Have you considered dry ice and water? There are also certain chemical mixtures that can make fog. Either case no electric needed.
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Yes, the size would be too big to carry around because that amount of power from an inverter would take a large car size battery.
The cost would only be a problem if you do not have a lot of money................about two hundred bucks for a deep cycle battery and an inverter provided you have a battery charger.
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You need a small portable fog machine.

To make the one you have portable, you need a 500W plus inverter, and a couple car or better batteries to supply the current needed..
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Bee smoker. That would be another non electric solution.
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Agreed, I'd look into a non-electric solution. Typical electric fog machines have a fan and heater which suck up quite a bit of power. Supplying that much power via batteries is tough and heavy.

I'd certainly recommend dry ice - you can have a lot of fun with it. If you've never handled it before, read up on safety. Not a lot too it, but it can cause some pretty good burns if you're not careful (speaking from first hand experience).

It's also pretty cheap!

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