Okay to wire light to switched outlet?

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Okay to wire light to switched outlet?

We're converting our old family room into a dining room and we need to add a chandelier. The room currently has no overhead lighting.

The simplest solution is to just wire the new light to a switched receptacle and I know that's been covered in several places in this forum. But I'm wondering if there's anything wrong with this approach from a code or best practices standpoint.

I'll be having the work inspected and I really don't need any surprises... My plan right now is to fish the wire from the center of the ceiling through the overhead floor joist and then down through one of the stud cavities almost to the floor. From there, I'll be notching each stud until I get to the switched receptacle. A heavy duty expandable bar mount will be used to hold the ceiling box.

Assuming I place nail guards over each notch and don't exceed the fill capacity of the receptacle box, is the inspector likely to have a problem with this?

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The section is 210.52.

(B) Small Appliances
(1) Receptacle outlets served. In the kitchen, pantry, breakfast room, dining room, or similar area of a dwelling unit, the two or more 20A small-appliance branch circuits required by 210.11(C)(1) shall serve all wall and floor receptacle outlets covered by 210.52(A), all countertop outlets covered by 210.52(C), and receptacle outlets for refrigeration equipment.

Exception 2 allows a seperate, dedicated circuit for the fridge independent of the small-appliace circuits.......
You can not have lighting on the small apliancs circuit so the answer is no.
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You have to find a lighting circuit somewhere else due you will convert to dinning room the codes will change a bit when you get into that part that why I really advise you find the chanilder luminaire circuit somewhere else from living room or other lighting circuit.

The following circuits are off limit you can not use them for genral lighting circuits

Garage { attached verison }
Small appalince circuits
Laundry room circuits
Sump Pump

Maybe other circuits if your local codes do stated that


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