200 amp service-my reply


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Exclamation 200 amp service-my reply

What city/county will the work be done in? This will determine the exact codes that need to be followed. Also, how old is the service? You may not need to drive any ground rods as they should already be there. You will, however, need to replace the feeders from the load side of the meter socket to your panel, which will require removing the meter and working in close proximity to 240 volts, and very high current. CURRENT KILLS. I STRONGLY recommend that if you intend to pull your meter, you talk yourself out of it. Things can go very wrong very quickly. If you cause an arc, you may not live to tell about it, and if you do, you'll wish you hadn't. Google "arc flash", and look at the pictures and videos out there, then decide if you really want to go there. Personal protection equipment is not guaranteed either. I worked with a guy that pulled a meter that was not secured properly. A loose screw fell out inside the can and contacted the grounded can and a hot leg. The resulting arc blew UNDER his face shield, melted his gloves to his hands, and stuck his clothes to his body. He survived, but he is now on permanent disability. There is not a day that goes by that he is not in pain from nerve damage. That being said, i hope it's given you some things to think about. In regard to what you are doing, it is very dangerous for an untrained person to perform this type of work on a hot service. If you need extra space, and are set on doing it yourself, maybe you should consider installing a subpanel instead.

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I would like to add this tampering with a meter seal is considered a criminal activity by many power companies. They can and will prosecute for this activity.
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looks like my post was erased
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Originally Posted by g0ph3r View Post
looks like my post was erased

Yes one of the moderator did erased that topic due the safety issue allready arise so it was locked / erased

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