Snaking/pulling a line from basement to attic


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Snaking/pulling a line from basement to attic

Hello To All,

I am trying (unsucessfully so far) to find a way to pull a 12-3 NM from the basement to the attic so that I can then feed the 2nd floor bathroom renovation. Current 2nd floor bathroom wiring was tapped off of a lighting circuit in an adjacent room. I want a seperate circuit for GFCI recepticles and seperate circuit for lighting / fan for bathroom. I can get to the panel in the garage and from there get to the basement easily. It is getting from the basement to the 2nd floor or to the attic which is the problem.
House is 2 levels + basement and attic. There are fireblocks in the walls and I am stumped.
I have read other ideas during searches and was wondering if anyone has any tips. The house has central vac but there are 90 deg elbows that block me. Low voltage wiring for alarm was pulled at time of construction and seems to make 90's also. Air runs go down external walls to basement and then make 90's. Seems like everything was run w/ a 90 bend at some point. Of course they didn't drop a chase tube in 1972.
I'm just hoping someone has a brilliant idea that will save me from having to open up the walls on the 1st floor. As my grandfather used to say "It costs no more to dream big".
Thanks to all who read and post.
This website really is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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I know about difficult runs. Would it be too difficult to maybe run the wire in conduit on the outside rear of the house? I know with many old homes that many wires,tv,coax cables of all sorts running on the outside from poles in the rear of the home and along the eves to a entry spot. I have run wires outside of a home before but I always use conduit to protect it from the weather and me and the kids from doing something dumb in future.
Everyone has successes and failures but sometimes you have to just go a completely different way especially if your working by yourself.
Good Luck

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Could you build a chase into a closet?

If not, it really isn't that bad to open up a wall and then repair it. Pick one that is easy to fix. The amount of time you save by doing this will pay off in the end. While you have it open, add a rope for future expansion. Make sure to use fireblock on any openings.
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Some ideas...

Can you get to the attic from the garage? Or maybe into the exterior wall of the 2nd floor and go up from there?

Do you have two closets stacked on top of each other? This would be an easy place to cut a hole in the wall to get around/through the fireblock. You can patch it up afterward, but since it'll be in the closet, it doesn't have to be perfect. Or you can run the cable up through the closet using conduit as a protection sleeve.

What's underneath the bathroom being renovated? Since you're already making a mess of the bathroom, you only need to get it to that point.

As they say... where there's a will, there's a way!
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I would look to find extra space next to a plumbing line.

I am surprised that a house built in the 70s has fire blocking. I would have expected all platform construction from those dates.
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I was surprised by the fireblocks too.
Unfortunately no stacked closets.
Plumbing lines seem to all take a 90 also. It's the weirdest damn thing. In the bathroom I have the sheetrock out and there is old Air Cond. High & Low pressure coolant runs, a tube for A/C condesation drip, and a whole house vacuum that I can see, + some low voltage wiring all along a 3 foot section of wall. Down in the basement the tubes and such are all coming down in a perpendicular orientation to where they should be if they followed straight down from the 2nd floor. I tried to pull the old A/C tubes but they had already been cut out when the kitchen was renovated prior to our puchase of the house. The condensation line is still in use so I cant use that as a conduit although I thought about it for a microsecond. LOL
Whats under this bathroom is a Powder room that I just finished last week. Then my wife liked what I did so much she asked me to go after the upstairs bath before her family comes for Thanksgiving. Had I known better I would have been able to do all of this when the powder room was open. It is killing me that I didn't know ahead of time.
I know, I know, the 6 P's (prior planning prevents piss poor performance).
I am reluctant to go outside for a conduit run as I dont know how to seal it well and am hazy on how to go through the walls. However there is new A/C pipes on the outside up a fake downspout that I could maybe use outdoor rated NM in and get from the basement to the attic. It would be a gigantic length from panel to end (approx. 150 ft). Any thoughts on this idea????

Thanks to all so far
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