Is my GFCI wiring flawed?


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Is my GFCI wiring flawed?

My GFCI breaker for my 1.5hp 240v hot-tub pump worked for years. Lately it's begun tripping whether the pump is running or not. I removed ALL load wires and it STILL tripped.

Part of my test included removal of the panel side neutral line from the GFCI breaker. This removal stopped the breaker from triggering, but did I introduce an unsafe circuit? Thanks for your advice. See below:


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The only thing I see that is wrong is you should have a 4 wire feed to the tub (hot,hot,neutral,ground)
Likely what is happening is either you are getting some leakage current going to ground or the breaker has gone bad.

Disconnect the ground wire from the neutral buss and see if it still trips. If it does then I suggest replacing the breaker.
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From what I have read it sounds like your breaker is bad. Your little transformer inside your breaker is bad my guess. I've seen hot tubs be 3 wire ( 2 hots & a ground like yours ) & 4 wire ( 2 hots, 1 neutral & a ground ). Just to be clear you had your neutral from your GFCI hooked up to your neutral bus bar and had your 2 load wires unhooked from your breaker and your breaker still tripped. If that's the case then I beleive your breaker is bad.

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Sound like you have bad breaker however there one thing with GFCI both single and two poles verison do need netural to order the GFCI to function properly.

So with spa useage you will need have seperated grounding wire { keep in your mind any outdoor runs it have to be green wire no bare wire allow on this part }

Once you replace the GFCI breaker and if that trip with new breaker then you have issue with motor itself either winding going bad or small current leakage somewhere so try the GFCI breaker first to see that clear up if not then the motor is next step and By the way do you have electric water heater in there ?
If so that is the other item can go bad as well.


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