Doorbell solution?


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Doorbell solution?

In the process of moving my doorbell transformer, my wife and I had to re-run the wires to the doorbell. We electrical taped the new wires to the old ones and started pulling up. Much to my dismay the old doorbell wire covering ripped and separated from the new one somewhere in the wall. So I now have no way to re-run the wires. We've tried coat hangers, pushing the old wires back in, actual fishtape, and had no luck. It's hitting something that we just cannot get around. Personally I have no problem just going for a wireless doorbell, but my wife had her heart set on the "dong" sound from real chimes (this is our first house) and I gotta keep the wife happy

Does anyone know of a wireless doorbell with actual bells? I assume the chime needs the power from the transformer in order to have actual bells vs. a speaker, but that would be the easiest solution if it existed. Also, and this is just an idea out of my head and I'm not sure if it exists, is there such a thing as a converter so I could have a wireless button activate my wired chime? I've searched the internet for both these products and come up empty.

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My guess is that the old wire was tacked somewhere, or passed through a fire-stop or brace in the wall.

If its just a tack, and since you are running new wire, why not just drill another hole in the top of the wall plate from the attic and fish the wire through?

If its a fire-stop/brace, it will be easier to go wireless or relocate the chime to a spot without an obstructing fire-stop/brace.
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They sell long 5 ft. drill bits in the electrical section of home improvement stores. These have a hole in one end of the bit.
(Drill hole, then fish wire through!)

Also it is quite easy to do drywall once you learn how to do it. Might want to pick up a book on that. Then cut all the holes in the wall you need to run the wire!

Or even cut a hole in the wall to fish the wires, then call in a drywall guy to patch the wall. Should not be very expensive.

Then you can have a real doorbell!
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You could follow the sensible suggestions provided earlier in the thread, however... If you can't find a pre-fab wireless real chime solution, you could probably buy a typical wireless bell (speaker), take it apart, check the voltage to the speaker with a multimeter, go and buy a relay (local electronics store) that operates at that voltage and use it to close the 12/24V circuit for the real, chime-based door bell - all depends how much time you have and how much you want to impress your wife.
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