Is there a problem with this


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Is there a problem with this

I just removed a kitchen where there is a 4-prong stove receptacle. The cable attached to it appears to be 8/3AWG 300V. The breaker is 2P, 30A.

I will be installing laundry facilities in the vicinity of this former kitchen. So I want to know if I can wire the electric dryer using the existing infrastructure (cable, breaker). I would install whatever receptacle you need to plug the dryer in, and I would extend the line using the same kind of cable, if needed.

I'm just asking because the information I have says you only need 10/3 240V for an electric dryer. Will the 8/3 300V cause a problem? The breaker I already have is the correct kind.

I don't have the dryer yet. So I don't know what its requirements are. I just assume it's like any normal electric dryer.
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You can use the circuit for a dryer instead of a stove if that's what you mean (it can't power both). Make sure it actually has four wires (black, red, white, bare); #10 copper is the minimum allowed by code -- it's okay to use the larger #8. The breaker should be 30A, which looks right. The receptacle should be a NEMA 14-30R which looks like this:


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