Clueless - no power at light


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Clueless - no power at light

I try not to do anything that can result in my house burning down or me dying, so I don't do much electrical work, but just had the electrician out before and then found another problem.

I have power going into the switch and coming out of the switch, but I don't have power at the light. I think I did trip the breaker previously when I installed the light and pushed the wires into the box when I re-installed the light. Any guess as to why I wouldn't have power at the light? Can a line go bad from? What should I check?

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I would check all the connections above the fixture and make sure they are all secure. Are you sure the bulb is good?
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I agree with psboss. Check the connections above the light. Also if you did have a short in the box for the light one of your wires could be broken where it shorted out at. Good luck and be safe.


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