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My house was built in 1939, rewired in 1980, I have a live red wire connected to a metal pipe in my crawl space. How can I ground this wire. Working on the plumbing is hazardous.
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It is always best to start a new thread rather then hijack another.

If your red wire is really live, as in there is voltage present, this would cause great danger. You do not want to ground this wire. You want to isolate it by removing it from the pipe. I also suggest tracing where it goes, confirming that it is a live wire, and disconnecting it st the source. Your water pipes should be bonded to the grounding system of your electrical service.
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That red wire on the pipe was never live. Had it been, it would have done damage. You would have had a blown fuse or tripped CB, and probably a hole in that pipe.

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