tripped circuit braker replacing outlet


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tripped circuit braker replacing outlet

Ive done my share of replacing them but this one has a added red wire to a outlet that has black,white and ground wire. Black wire is on the bottom right corner and white on the bottom left corner. When I went to insert black wire on brass screw side, nice spark and tripped cb ensued. These are the exact locations of the old outlet that I am replacing.

Is there something slightly different on this outlet then the others? Why a red wire when other outlets have only white and black?

This outlet is for the microwave in kichen.

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Red wire is usually either switched wire or part of a multiwire circuit. I'd guess the latter and that you didn't break the tab on the brass side of the receptacle. Check the old one. I'll bet the tab is broken off. If you have a multimeter check the voltage between red and black. Is it 240v?
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Since the OP is in Canada i am betting this is a multi-wire circuit. Connecting the red to the black hot leg created a short.

The OP needs to find out which leg is supposed to feed the microwave and connect to it.
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Why are you working HOT? Had you shut off the power you'd probably realize it was a MWBC.

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