Tell me it about your *fishing* miracles

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Tell me it about your *fishing* miracles

I'm about to just suck it up and either take another route that is not preferred.

My ideal location for putting a new dedicated outlet is looking pretty antsy. From the panel to the location, the joists are running opposite of the cable to be fished from one end of the wall to the other, so a easy fish across the room is not a option.
There is a very ~tight~ soffit that runs across this room that is quite filled up. There IS 4 runs of 12/2 BX that I could use as a drag as it is spare cable I pulled into the soffit when the floor was redone so I would have new wire to use when I redo the top floor of the house *It's a oldie with cloth braided BX wiring*.

Just venting. Curious if you sparkies have come across a wall/ceiling that you could NOT fish a wire out to ;-) Just short of running conduit or taking another route and putting the outlet on a location that is more accessible to run . I was determined to find a way, way the fish tape, rods, etc. Dropped the high hats only to realize the ceiling was flush to the joists and the furthest I would make it would be 16 inches

I was determined to get this through but there is just no clearance....and I don't want to be cutting holes in the soffit as I know that space inside there is tight already and I would have to make a lot of @#$$P$$$ holes in order to yank the fish tape through
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Do you have a question, or are you just complaining because your job is not easy?
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Few things I can suggest:

1) Throw your fish tape in the truck. The only time I use a fish tape it to pull wire in conduit.

2) I almost always use a 25' tape measure with the end cut off and taped up with electrical tape (to prevent the tape from going in the case) to do my fishing with. It can slide between things like ducts, insulation and Sheetrock to get places you can't normally get to.

3) Another thing I have good luck with is fiberglass rods from Greenlee called "Fish Sitx." It is about 12' long and are in 3' sections. They screw together like gun cleaning rods.

4) You can take a 4" hole saw and drill right on the end of the joist. Notch the joist and then cover the cable with a nail plate. Take the plug from the hole saw and use it to patch the hole.

5) You can cut a 4-6" channel the entire length of where you need to go, again saving the pieces. Drill the holes, run your cable and then put the roch back up.
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Tell me it about your *fishing* miracles
It was THISSSSSS long!!
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..In what room are you dealing with?
How about via baseboards? (careful..!)..or crowns (if appl)
or via cabinets and/or using 'raceway's.?
That's what I had to do in my kitchen..

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