One new run, insulation in the way


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Okay, first post... here goes.

I have a technique question:
I need to add two runs coming from my attic to the first floor (about 15' down), but both runs need to drop inside an exterior wall, so the household insulation is in my way. My only thoughts so far have been to weight a string, and hope that it can get past the insulation; before I just dive into this, can anybody give me some advice on how best to approach the problem?
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Smile umm

I can't answer but there is a forum on insulation
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hello pshaffer,
youll never get the string and waight past the insulation. you will have to use a fish tape to get threw the insulation. be for warned it is not an easy task even useing a fish tape, as the tape will hang in the insulation as well but it can b done as we do it all the time. another trick that can b used if there is enough room in the attic is to use a piece of conduit to get threw the insulation. getting a tape or conduit threw insulation that is blown in is easer then threw batt insulation.
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Another little trick to get a fish tape through insulated walls easier is to wrap the end with electrical or teflon tape.
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YOu are doing the one thing that test an electrician's patience to their limit.

One more trick I might throw in for good measure.

When you try to fish down a wall with batte insulation, I try to straighten the fish tape, drill the hole through the top plate next to the drywall side of the box to be added. Then I try to slide the straight fish tape down between the drywall and the insulation. If you stay along the drywall with the fish tape you are less likely to ball up the insulation within the wall and create a barrier with the insulation that you won't be able to fish through when that insulation is shove into a ball within the wall.

Above take your time and FEEL YOUR WAY. You can always pull your fish tape back out and reform it another direction if you feel a build up of resistance before you shove that insulation into a ball. Just keep feeling your way and have someone listen downstairs along the drywall to inform you of your progress. He or she should be able to hear the fish tape as it slide down.

Good Luck and have patience


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