A Fistful of Neutrals


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A Fistful of Neutrals

Got a box that is crowded... especially with neutrals and grounds.

Please see picture

Is it permitted to grab a nice group of neutrals or grounds and put them into one of the large lugs on the grounding bar? Bet I could get a dozen of them in there nice and tight, leaving me some space for a few more half height breakers.
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Sorry, but no. The neutrals need to be one per hole.

Multiple grounding conductors can typically be 2 per hole. Check the panel label to see if this applies.
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Buy a good size ground bar, attach it to the panel steel (with the proper screws) and relocate the grounds to that. That will give you more room for the neutrals.
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Yes, I had heard and seen that the white neutrals had to have their own individual socket or hole. Can I just pick an out-of-the-way spot, drill pilot holes screw the bar in and start moving grounds to it?

I noticed that my ground/neutral bar had a special-looking bonding strap between the bar and the box. I guess a bond is a bond whether it's a pair of screws or a strap, huh?
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They say in Harlan County,

There are no neutrals there.

Your either for the union,

or a thug for JH Blair!

----old union song. Written by an electrician?
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Look carefully, there may already be holes. Code requires machine screws not sheet metal screws. You can either tap the hole are use self tapping machine screws.
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You should have few factory holes on left side of netural bussbar and there is a spot or two halfway down.

you will need two screws to get the grounding bussbar clamped down on this one and run 16mm˛ {#6 AWG } from the bussbar to the netural bussbar to keep everything well bonded.

However before you actally move any netural conductor for any reason turn off all breakers first due to prevent any damage to your electrical system espcally with electronic loads.


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