Wiring though basement ceiling


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Wiring though basement ceiling

Hi all,

I'm mid way through a basement remodel - it's stripped back to the framing and the quality of the 50s era wiring I've uncovered is pretty shocking (no pun intended) - combined with the fact that there's no ground, I'm going to completely replace it.

It would also seem a good time to rewire the receptacles in the floor above, whilst I have the basement ceiling open (currently these are wired downward from the attic). However, despite poring over various books, I can't find an answer to how the wire should be secured - I have a couple of options

1) Upstairs, cut a box-sized hole, use a self-clamping box, and bring the cable up from below, strapped at the point in the basement near where it enters the hole

2) Cut a larger hole in the drywall - secure the box and staple the cable to the stud. Patch drywall

(1) would appear to violate the code as the cable needs to be secured within 8" of the box? Part of me says go with 2 as securing the boxes to the stud will be firmer than clamping them to the drywall, but it's also a lot more work

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Fished cables or conduits do not need to be secured. Remodel boxes hold surprising well on most, if not all materials. (Drywall, lath, plywood) Option 1 is the best option.
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It common for me to use the first option in majtory of the time unless you have 1/4 inch panelboard or hevey wall luminaire then I will have to use the standard junction box which I have to open the wall alot more.

So the first open will leave almost zero mess on the wall itself as long you make the cut in box opening right.

from the basement side you just staple them in convental way.

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Cut the nails on the old boxes with a sawzall and pull the box out. Reach your hand into the wall to help fish the cables. Install an old-work box back in the hole.

Arlington Industries makes a remodel box that can be screwed to a stud from inside the box -- very useful when replacing old boxes. Check your local supply house.

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Thankyou all! I really like the one-box idea and am relieved that I don't have to hack about the drywall as much as I feared I would.

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