Motion sensor wiring


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Motion sensor wiring

Currently, I have 2 flood lights (split by an outdoor junction box) off of my deck that are controlled by an interior switch. I want to add a motion sensor light to the junction box but I'm confused as to how to wire it. Basically, I want to be able to leave the switch on and the lights only come on when motion is detected. Any ideas on how to wire it? Thanks for the help.
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Motion sensors are just a motion activated switch. There should be 3 wires coming out of it. Most cases it is wired like this:

Whites spliced all together.
Black from switch to black of motion sensor.
Red of sensor to black of lights.

Check the instructions just to make sure but like I said, this how all the ones I have wired are connected.
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I do the excat the same way as Toyln do it but one nice gotcha is if you use the CFL make sure they are compatable with it due some motion sensor do not work very well with CFL so just give you a head up.


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