Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal wiring question


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Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal wiring question


I have a dishwasher that is wired into the kitchen switch that would normally be for the garbage disposal (so basically the switch has to be "on" to have the dishwasher work). I would like to install a garbage disposal, but obviously want that linked to the switch - not the dishwasher! Can I correct that wiring using the junction box under the sink? There is no outlet under the sink to plug the disposal directly into.

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Yes it can be done. To know how much rewiring (if any) you need to do, we will need to know what wires you have, where power comes in, what else is on these circuit(s), and the electrical specs of the new disposal.
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If the dishwasher is hard wired local code may require a disconnect. You project is still doable but you may need to convert the DW from hard wired to plug-in. I will leave the pros to comment on this.
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Normally with hardwired dishwasher it will required a local disconnect but for cord et plug set up that will serve that purpose.

However to OP the key issue is how this circuit is run now and what else is on that circuit once we know then we can able tell you the correct way to deal with it.

I know many time the Garbage dispoal and Dishwasher useally are on the same circuits however there is a gotcha if you have either one that draw more than 8 amps then run it own circuit.


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