Woods Timer


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Woods Timer

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to the question but thought I would ask anyway...

I am working with a Woods Timer at home, its digital and allows you to set programs on/off based on the day. The problem I run into is that the box (metal) has no neutral, and therefore the switch will not work. As I understand it, it is not safe to connect the neutral to the box to ground it, correct?

Since conduit was used to go from the switch to the fixture outside, would it be feasible to use fish tape to pull a neutral?

Or, does anyone know of any timer switch that does not have a neutral?

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You can NOT use the ground as a neutral. If this is conduit, you can absolutely fish a neutral in there. Depending on the length and size of the conduit, the gauge of the wire, and the number of bends, you may be able to simply shove the wire through without a fish tape. You might be best tying the fish tape to the existing wires and pulling them out (pulling the fish tape into place). Then tie the neutral on and pull the tape back out, pulling all the wires back into place.

There are also timers that don't require neutral. Certain models of Honeywell's Auba line are designed to work without. Intermatic makes a few too.
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Intermatic and few others do make timer without netural but with that format you have to becarefull due some may not work very well with CFL or LED { they will blink or flicker when it is off mode }

Look around in big box store there are few verison there.

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I probably wouldn't bother with a fish tape. I'd just tie a string to one of the wires, pull the wire out then pull the new wire and old wire back in with the string. I know a variation on what was said but only one wire and the string could be easier then the stiffer fish tape and all the wires. And don't forget the lube.

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