Infinite Switch, Cooktop repair


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Infinite Switch, Cooktop repair

I've got an old (probably 1980's) Thermador TMH 34 electric cooktop.

After 30 years of use, two of the four infinite switches have broken completely (they just spin freely now), leaving only the two back burners working. And the back switches feel like they could break any day now too.

While I realize that being as old as it is, replacing the entire cooktop would be best, but I want to hold off until I save up enough to redo the entire kitchen.

I've tried to find replacement switches, but it's pretty hard.

The only source I've found is, but they're charging around $44 per switch plus shipping.

I really don't want to spend $100-$200 for a few switches, but don't know what else I can do.

Does anyone know if there are generic replacements I could get that would fit and work?

I doubt the switch itself can be repaired, but if anyone knows how to do that, I'd be willing to give it a shot too.

Here's the link to the only place I've found the replacement so far:
Part Details - BOSCH Switch, r/s infinite control, part number: AP2832033
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Cook tops are pretty much standard sizes (unless you want to get into commercial) and just sit in place. Buying a new one for now and then using it for the remodel should work fine. I suggest doing that rather then putting any money into this old cook top.

Otherwise check other online parts retailers like Sears or Repair clinic.
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RepairClinic has it (under a different part number than AppliancePartsPro) but wants $50 a pop.

Switch (part #1021689) from

You might do best taking one in to a local appliance parts store to see if they can match it on the spot.
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thanks, I'll keep looking and calling around.
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If you are trying to extend its life for only a short time you might look for used ones for sale. One with burn out burners and/or a dirt and ding accumulation my be as cheap or cheaper thrn a single control. Try the free classified papers. Of course you want to try how the controls feel before buying.

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