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Can someone please provide a mapping for me.
I am adding a new line (GFI breaker) for two exhaust fan/ceiling lights that are going into two different bathrooms. Each fixture has a light and a fan that I would like on their own wall switches. I want to make sure everything is run correctly before I pop the breaker into the panel.
1) 2 wire coming from the breaker.
2) Unit in bathroom A
3A) Wall switch for light in bathroom A
3B) Wall switch for fan in bathroom A
4A) Wall switch for light in bathroom B
4B) Wall switch for fan in bathroom B
5) Unit in bathroom B

I believe I want to take the white wire from (1) connect it to the two white wires in the first Unit (2) then run to the second unit (5) and connect the two white wires there. This would end the white wire run.

I believe the black wire coming from the panel (1) will be split and run to each of the wall switches (3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B) and the black wire from the units will be run to each switch as well.

If anyone can confirm and/or correct this it would be greatly appreciated. Also, a diagram would be helpful.

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First of all, a GFI is only required for this installation if your fan/light combo is located over a bathtub or shower.

Here are some definitions for clarity:
Black wire - hot or source of power
White wire - nuetral or 'return' wire for 'used' electricity
switch - turns on or off power, does not use a nuetral, controls a 'load'
load - any thing that uses electricity to do work, a light or fan for example. A switch is not a load.

In your installation, I am assuming that you only have two wires in each cable, and that they all have properly attached grounds. If this is true, I would run the wires as follows:
Install 1) to 3). Run another cable to 4) from 3). Tie blacks to each other, whites to each other in 3). Install a black to 3A) as well as to 3B). Run two cables to 2). At 2), install one black to fan wire, same cable white to fan white, install other cable black to light wire, same cable white to light white. (this step would be much easier with a 3 wire cable, install white of cable to both load whites, black to fan, red to light). In 3) tie both load whites to other whites, and one black each to the other post on 3A) and on 3B). You can now go to 4), which should have a cable with a black and white tied through from 3). Simply repeat the above steps, substituting 4) for 3) and 5) for 2).

You should end up with four total cables at 2). All whites tied together, power from box tied to power for 2nd switch box and to each switch [3A) & 3B)]. Single wires to other posts of 3A) & 3B).
You should have two total cables at 2) and at 5), blacks to blacks and whites to whites (keep each item seperate, don't tie all blacks and/or all whites together here!)
You should have 3 total cables in 4). Power from 3) goes to 4A) & 4B). Whites tied together. One black to second post of each switch from 5).

I would recommend wiring this way as it will minimize the number of wires in your laight/fan combo devices, which typically have very little space for a lot of wires and connectors.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!
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Yes I am grounding where appropriate and yes they are going over the showers, thus the GFI.

I am using 12 guage 2 wire but I can pick up a small length of 3 wire for the short run.

Thanks again for the help.

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