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I live in a farm and I had to install an electric fence to avoid wild animals from making a mes out of my garden. Last week the fence stoped working, so I opened it and saw that some resistors in the circuit were burned out. Because I study electronic engenieering I thought I colud fix it. The problem is I donīt know how the circuit of the fence works. If I knew this I could replace the burned resistor (there value was errased by the burnout) and make the fence work again.
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Electric fences work in a variety of patterns.

Some electric fences have a transformer which sends a high powered shock with low current allowed limiting the hazard. Causes much pain but less damage. Some animals are more suseptable to electric shock than others.

Some fences have a cycle that turns full power to the fence wire for a split second and then shuts back off for about 10 times that split second then recycles again.

Some fences have a board that limits the shock value to a livable or more safe level but still the are usually cycled on and off. Without the cycle the animals can not get back off of the fence if they are hit with electricity.

Some fences have a hot cycle added to the sequence that turns the power up full for a longer period of time. This is designed into the sequence to burn weeds from contact with the wire allowing normal operation without a drain on the system that can incapacitate the system due to leakage to ground caused by the weeds.

Some fences are even solar powered.

Hope this helps


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