Is this box rated to take tandem breakers


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Is this box rated to take tandem breakers

Title says it all: is this box rated to accommodate tandem breakers (or whatever the term is for breakers with two circuit in one breaker-slot)?

Square D company
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The part number we need would be something like QO100M2030.

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To find the model of this load centre you will have to take the cover off and look for the label on the tub itself useally the left side if the main breaker is top but if main breaker is bottom then it will be on the right side but few case it will revesed the locations.

Once you find the model number and post it up here then we will go from there.

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The only thing that resembles a model number is "series 1"
Nonetheless, I figured it out: as a pre-nineteen-sixty-something box, it does not have circuit limiting pan-rail slots, so it takes the QO (e.g. QO2020) line of tandem breakers rather than the QOT line that the newer boxes with pan-rail slots take (e.g. QOT2020*) . These can be found on ebay.

The only thing I don't get is that the house was built in 1958: Doesn't that predate the Square D QO products by a few years?
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Maybe somebody replaced an original fuse panel at some point? Breakers in 1960 residential would be a rare find compared to Edison base fuses.
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I learned that the Square D QO product line was released in 1955. They would have been, like, brand-spankin'-new technology when this house was built in 1958. You know, it is really impressive to say that it is still in use (and works as well as the day it went in) over fifty years later

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