Industrial Motor Wiring, Hook Up Help


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Industrial Motor Wiring, Hook Up Help

I need to wire this electric motor up but the diagram has me confused a little bit. I understand the ground, I don't follow the "Lo Volt Line" arrow pointing to two separate sections of wires. Do they all get tied into the hot wire or is one supposed to get the neutral wire? Here is the diagram. I'm using the 120V diagram for now.

Thank you for help.

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You tie J10, T2, and T4 to the black wire of your cord or to the load side of the switch if you are using a switch.

You tie P2, T3, and T8 together.

Neutral goes to P1.Give us more info on how you are going to route the wiring. Is the breaker box on the outside of the house? Is it on the same side as where the outside unit will go? Is there an unfinished attic or crawl space wiring can be run in? One story or two story house. If two story is the inside unit going on the first or second floor.

This motor is reversible. If it doesn't run the correct direction swap J10 abd T8 (black and red).
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Thank you so much for your reply.

The motor is actually for an air compressor I've been rebuilding. The wiring will go through a pressure switch before it goes to the motor. I am wiring it so I can just plug it into a socket already in my shed. That way I can move it to different locations easily.
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Alright, I've pretested the motor and it works perfectly. I did end up having to reverse the two wires to get the correct rotation. Now my second question is wiring the motor to the pressure switch. Here's the switch schematic.

Thanks again for all of the help. I love being able to learn new things.
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The black and white from the cord go to the terminals marked "LINE" on the pressure switch. It does not matter which goes to which. Now run #12 black wires from the two terminals labeled "MOTOR" on the pressure switch to the motor and connect them just like the black and white used to be connected. Again it does not matter which one is which, only that they connect to the motor in the same way you did in the last step. In both the pressure switch and the motor, the green or bare grounds are connected to each other and to the metal case.

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