220 Dayton heater plugged into a stick weder plug ????


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220 Dayton heater plugged into a stick weder plug ????

I have a lincoln stick welder in my garage rated at 230 v , 50 amp, 1-phase, 60hz with a plug mounted on the wall for it. What i would like to do is mount a Dayton electric heater to the ceiling rated at 240v, 20 amp, 1-phase, 60hz and +PLUG+ it into the welder outlet so save from having to add another breaker from my panel. I know next to nothing about electric and would appriciate the help.
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You can't plug it in directly because of the difference in amperage, but you could rig up a plug for the heater if you put inline 20A fuses on the hot lines. This is to prevent it from catching on fire if the heater has a malfunction.
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A plan B I'd suggest based on Ben's advice is to get a 1slot 60a breaker box and mount it on a board or the wall along with a receptacle to match your heater plug. Install a 2pole 20 amp breaker and wire to the receptacle. If a three wire range cord will fit you welder receptacle wire that to the line side of the breaker box. If not buy length of 6-3 SO cord (red, black, green) and an appropriate plug.

Note I suggest on a board not fastened to the wall so it remains a portable power supply. Not sure where the NEC lies on that but you probably can't use SO cord on a permanent installation.

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