GFCI wont test


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GFCI wont test

i have a GFCI receptical in my bathroom,while recently stripping wall paper in this room, a sander was plugged into the GFCI.the sander was only used for a few seconds,when the light in the room went out, but still had power from GFCI receptical.not only did the power to the light stop also the fan dont work and recepticals in 2 other rooms have no power..ok, the question here is,how can i tell if these other recepticals are protected by the GFCI (that still has power)also the GFCI test button has no effect on the wont trip the GCFI..would appricate any help or advice
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Basics first. Have you turned every 15a and 20a breaker all the way off then on? Have you checked every GFCI receptacle in the house, garage, basement, crawl space, and outside? Have you looked inside the GFCI receptacle box for loose connections. Moved any backstabbed wires on the other receptacles to the screws. Problem could be in a working receptacle or light or wirenut in a switch box.

Note the wire on the GFCI may be back wired but that is different from backstabbed and is ok. From what you wrote the GFCI may need replacing but that may not fix your problem.
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The vibration from the sander may have loosened a poor connection near where you were working.
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checked all breakers all ok...will check all other GFCI,s
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Next step is you have to check the loose connection in the GFCI receptale and switch box one of couple place the connection got loose.

There one thing I will advise to all readers anytime you move in the house please .,, please check and mark the breakers to see which room it goes because it will be a big time saver when you try to do the troubleshooting later.


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