NEC Question


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NEC Question

What does NEC say about Wall heaters and dedicated circuits??

I have a 500 watt fan i want to put in a laundry room. I have a 20 amp GFCI circuit with 3 outlets on it and could be dropped to 2 outlets if need be. Can I use this or does it have to be dedicated??

Does it need t be thermostatically controlled??
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What kind of wall fan do you have, 110V or 220? I'm quite sure it will need to be on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.
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A fixed-in-place appliance needs a dedicated circuit if it consumes more than 50% of the circuit ampacity. A 20A circuit can supply 2400W, so you would not need a dedicated circuit for a 500W heater. However, if this circuit also supplies your washing machine you might trip the breaker during the spin cycle.

Heaters are generally best on dedicated circuits even when it isn't strictly required to do so.
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Does it need t be thermostatically controlled??
Yes, there needs to be a thermostat to control this heater. It can be on the heater or a wall thermostat.
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Posts: 12,279 doesn't HAVE to be on a thermostat. But then you would have run away heat.

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