Hot Breaker


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Hot Breaker

If the breaker is hot and the connections to it are tight does that mean the breaker is bad? Also what temperature is considered too hot for a breaker. Thanks!
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I would think most likely you are just pulling a lot of current through it...maybe kinda close to the limit. Good idea to see what loads are on it.

Don't forget to see if the connections to the buss are clean and tight as well as the wires.
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If the breaker is pulling a fairly large load and your wires are tight on the breaker please check your buss bar and main breaker conections. Also, I've seen the wires in your meter box loose causing a breaker to get hot. Also when you say hot are you meaning very warmer or hot that you can't hold onto very long? I've only seen a few breakers that were bad causing them to get hot.

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Breakers should never be used past 80% of rating. Sounds like perhaps yours is. Also the areas they "clip" onto on the buss can be weak causing heat. I am not sure what temperature is too much. I know many large facilities like hospitals now use heat detecting scan guns to pin point "hot spots" to prevent failures....I will see if I can find additional information on temp...
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You should be able to hold your hand on the breaker. Warm is okay, but hot usually is not.

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