Coax outlet proximity to electrical outlet


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Coax outlet proximity to electrical outlet

I am planning to move a coax outlet in one of my rooms, and the new location would put it fairly close to an electrical outlet. Are there any rules on how close a coax outlet can be to an electrical outlet without causing interference?


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The rule of thumb is 12 inches, which means the coax box mounts on one stud and the power box on the other in the same void. Try not to run the power and cable parallel to each other, cross them at right angles, and try to keep them 12 inches apart.

It also helps to use RG6/u quad shield cable.
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I agree the rule-of-thumb is 12", but the actual code allows them to be right next to each other if you want to. The only stipulation is that the power and data cannot be in the same box or conduit, however there are approved boxes that have both a line voltage and low votlage compartment right next to each other with a rated separator.
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In addition to the coax, you may want to think about running a CAT5 cable while you are at it.
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800.133(a)(2) 2" separation
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Currently I have an outlet next to the electrical that is for speaker wires - they're 6" apart (center to center).

Ideally I'd like to have one outlet for the speaker wire, coax, and cat6.

Would it be worth the trouble moving this outlet 6" farther from the receptacle? I can't tell for sure if the electrical wires are in the same space as the speaker wires or not.

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