Switched outlet single unit


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Switched outlet single unit

Is there such a thing? I am looking for a single gang unit that has a switch on top or bottom that controls the attached outlet. Can't find it anywhere. I am building lockers for my kids, installed two gang boxes in each locker and want to be able to plug in a light and control it with a switch, yet I want the other gang (outlets) to be live for charging cells phones, etc. I can't seem to find anything like this. Does anyone know if this exists? Or am I stuck with a plug in that has the switch on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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You mean a combo switch/receptacle device? Their common as dirt but if you go to BigBox the clerk may not have a clue so you will just have to look for your self.

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Ray's pict is what your looking for. However you might have to run a short jumper from the switch leg side of the switch to the hot screw of the receptacle.
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I think he means he wants the outlet switch to control whats plugged into it. I have one installed but the lower half stays active while the switch controls the overhead light in the room.

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