electrical multimeter


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electrical multimeter

hey i was going to buy a electrical multimeter for around the house and a diy project with a magnet turbine & solar panels to power my house and i want a good meter to handle strong currents but is accurate to decimals any suggestions maybe a electricians multimeter but i dunno where to start but i dont wanna spend a ton getting one either any ideas??
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i want a good meter to handle strong currents
For that if it is AC you need a Amprobe or similar clamp on amp meter. In general multimeters won't handle more then a few amps. Most clamp-ons also have a built in voltage meter and some also have a built in resistance meter. Uou can also find clamp-on amp checkers for some multimeters.

A good grade digital multimeter will handle most voltage readings your likely to need. When using it on household 120v and 240v you should be aware of ghost voltages especially on the cheap ones.
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There are several decent brands out there such as Fluke, Amprobe, Ideal and even Greenlee too. Fluke bought Amprobe for a lower cost alternative to the higher priced Fluke meters. Ideal and Amprobe are less expensive and pretty reliable. I have no idea how much Greenlee meters are, never bought one. No matter what brand digital meter you buy, they are all made by just a couple of companies in China. BTW, Amprobe just started making a new version of their old workhorse analog snap around meter again too.
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As Ray pointed out digital meters and phantom voltage can play heck with your readings. If you want a digital meter buy a good one and do research to find if they have filters that remove phantom voltage. For my work I use a Fluke 7-600, which by far is the simplest meter I have ever used and does not give phantom readings. This meter has been discontinued. This is it replacement: Fluke 114 Electrical Multimeter
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I have the 110, the predecessor to the 114. There's a 110 on ebay for $75. Note that neither will measure current. The Fluke 111 can measure up to 10 amps, and it's been replaced by the 115.
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Just another add to the mix....I use a Wavetek with true RMS. Beauty of digital you don't have to choose a scale like you do on analog, but you do get the phantom readings. Once you have done it enough, you will know when they pop up.

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