Using a dryer plug to power my house off a generator


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Using a dryer plug to power my house off a generator

Is it ok to do it this way for power outages? A friend of mine told me it was ok as long as I turn the main switch on the breaker panel off & to unplug the generator before I turn the main switch back on when the power comes back on.
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No it is not ok. A mechanism to prevent the backflow of electricity unto the power lines is required by the electrical code. What your friend has proposed is illegal and possibly criminal should an accident occur.

Contact an electrician and have a transfer switch installed.
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First thing first .,



There is a major issue and we don't call this set up for nothing it called suidice cord / plug set up that is complety illegal.

You will have to find other means to get the generator hook up which we will recomend a transfer switch or sliding interlock plate { this part you may want to run by the inspection dept due some may not approve this }

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No it's not ok for a number of reasons, hook your generator up correctly or don't hook it up. This will not only save the life of a linesman, but possibly yours.

One thing is, when you feed the panel through the dryer plug, you have alot of wire from the plug to the main panel that is not protected in your walls. Meaning, there is a breaker for your dryer at the panel, going backwards the only breaker is at your generator. You can overload the wires from the dryer plug because they are carrying all the current to feed your main panel..this is how fires start.

What happens when the house burns and the insurance figures out you hooked it up this way? You can bet they will not pay for your loss.
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We hear of people doing it around here during emergency where the power is off, but we absolutely discourage it. Last year a local resident forgot to unplug his generator(was switched off) and the main was on. When power came on the generator exploded and took part of this man's house with it. We sold him a proper generator panel after his house was repaired. He was lucky.... he could have lost it all.
You can get a generator panel for a couple hundred bucks and up. Fairly easy to install. Beats a new house.

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Take a look at this company. They offer a variety of panels, some of which you can find locally or on Ebay.
Reliance Controls Corporation The World's Leading Manufacturer of Transfer Switches for Portable Generators
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A transfer switch with a male plug outside is safe, legal, and won't use a suicide cord.
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Thanks everyone for your responses. I'm really not interested in killing someone or burning my house down so I guess the dryer plug thing is out. I will check out the link to the transfer switch asap.

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