Upgrading to 200 amp service


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Upgrading to 200 amp service

I am in the process of upgrading my parents service to 200 amp and since they are getting older I want to put the new load center at the top of the basement stairs on the landing so it can be easier for them to access it if they need too. Do I need to move the entrance point of the conductor so it is closer to the box or can use the same entrance and install a service disconnect on the outside?
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Noble thought, but I think this might be more trouble than it is worth. First panels cannot be installed over stairs, unless it is a landing. Second there are workspace and clearance issues that would need to be meet. Thirdly, in my experience breakers rarely trip. And fourthly all the existing circuit would need to be moved into the new box.

You would also need to set a disconnect and rewire circuits for the stove and dryer due to the need for insulated neutrals.
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It is on the landing, I thought it would be a pain too. There is ample enough space but a lot of work moving the circuits.
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The landing would need to be at least 36" x 36" with a full height ceiling. If that is satisfied, then the panel could be located there; however, I think you will find it adds a lot of trouble to the job.

The code states that the unfused conductors must be as short as practical inside the house*, so you'll either have to add a main disconnect right near the meter and feed the new panel as a subpanel or re-route the conduit on the outside of your house to enter the new panel in a more direct way.

*some jurisdictions give a specific length like 5-6 feet

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