1/2 Switched outlet to both switched?


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1/2 Switched outlet to both switched?

I have a 1/2 switched outlet in my place and I want to make both the bottom and the top outlets switched (Two lamps as there are no ceiling fixtures in my place and I am currently using a T-Tap for the two lamps, So I want to make it safer) I opened the box and there is a red , black, white and a bare wire coming from one cable and another cable has a Black, White , and bare. So is it as easy as using a short piece of wire to rejoin the hot side where the tab was broken? and then caping the black wire to the other black wire (On the out cable as the red is the switched wire) Or am O missng a step or do I have it totally wrong? The outlet in question is a 20A duplex receptacle that is of high quality and the breaker is marked 20A. So I don't think the outlet needs to be replaced and I would use a 12AWG jumper wire correct?

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You need to be sure the red is switched. If you are sure it is I'd replace the receptacle and connect the red to it. Then tie the two blacks together and two whites to the receptacle. If you prefer use the existing receptacle, add two pigtails to it and connect to the brass screws. Either way will work. Mine just uses existing wire with out adding pigtails. What ever you like. Your option.

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