connect double wall oven electric wire question


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connect double wall oven electric wire question


I am replacing a double wall oven and would like some clarity on the wiring. I have an existing 50 amp 240V 3 wires coming from the junction box. it has a black, black with Red stripes (no that visible), and Bare wire. My Kenmore oven has a black, red, white, and bare wire. Base on the instruction from my new oven, the white and bare wire from the oven connect to the bare wire. what is the black wire from the oven connect to? black to -> black with red stripes or black?

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It would be best to run new wiring. You have a 240v service at the wall. You need a 120/240v service. It has not been code compliant to use a bare wire for neutral for many decades. If this is conduit you can probably pull a new wire for the neutral. If this is cable you should run new cable.
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The black and red are interchangeable. It doesn't matter which goes to which. This is no problem as long as the existing wires are copper. If they are aluminum, please let us know as this complicates the installation.

To continue with what Ray said, your existing circuit is grandfathered so it is legal to continue using it, but it is not up to modern standard.
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Ray and Ben, The existing wires both black and black with red stripes are copper wire. Thank you both for your response.


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