GFCI not tripping


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GFCI not tripping

I am having the strangest problem I have ever encountered.

In my house I am wanting to put in GFCI outlets in the kitchen. I currently have them upstairs. (my house is small)

When I put in a standard 110v outlet, everything works fine.

In one area I kept messing with the wires and the following would happen

1. The light would come on, but I could not get the GFCI to test, but it would continue the power to the next circuit but not test.
2. No light would come one and obviously no run to the next circut.

I decided to try a bathroom close the kitchen that currently does not have a GFCI and I thought while I have bunch might as well experiment to find the problem, and I can put a GFCI in here becuase there is no protection in here.

What happened in bathroom was that it would light up everyway I would set it up but when I pushed the reset button it would make a loud noise (like a grinding noise) and I could not get it to continue the circuit. Thus leaving the other part of the house in the dark. When I put a outlet without GFCI on it standard 99 cent outlet everything was back to normal and I had lights again.

I have so many different things going through my head, but I am frustrated trying to figure it out so I was hoping someone could help me brainstorm before I start tearing down every inch of sheetrock.
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Not to clear what you did. Did you connect the hot (power in) to the line side. Did you make sure the line and load neutrals weren't swapped? If you put more then one GFCI on a circuit did you feed each from the line side only?
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get a voltmeter and find out which wire is hot incomming.make sure on load side(if you are protecting outlets down stream)that neutral and ground is not connected together.

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