Re-run 220 circuit


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Re-run 220 circuit

I am remodeling master bath on 2nd floor. Current laundry is in basement, want to move the 220 and 110 circuits for the laundry up to 2nd floor. What I was thinking was:

- Would like to stack washer/dryer in current space where fiberglass shower stall is
- Will remove shower enclosure and remove any sheetrock
- Directly under master bath is powder room on 1st floor, will remove sheetrock on exterior wall and insulation
- Will drill up from first floor powder room to master bath
- Will drill down from powder room to basement
- Remove 3x3' of sheet rock in area where powder room is above basement and put in juncton box and pull romex back to that spot from current laundry
- Run romex from 2nd floor down to basement and connect at junction box

Is this a sound plan? Is there anything I should or shouldn't be doing ?? Additional issues?

Thanks for any thoughts!!

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Is the dryer 240v or is the dryer 120/240v? If it is a 4 wire circuit no problem so long as the Jbox where the splice is made remains accessible.

If the circuit is 3 wire and the dryer is 240v only again it can be done so long as the Jbox where you splice remains accessible.

If the dryer is 120/240v, which most dryers are, and it is a three wire circuit it can not be extended. You must run a four wire circuit from the panel.

The washer circuit if 120v and has no basement or other receptacles or lights on it can be extended. It will need to be GFCI protected.

Note: Depending on the code cycle observed and AHJ you might be able to extend a non-dedicated 120v circuit but best practice my opinion just run a new one.

Tech note: The nominal voltages are 120v and 240v.
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Thanks! I will check the receptacle to see if it's 3 or 4 wire. The dryer is a 120/240 I do know that. The washer circuit is dedicated I ran that myself when I finished the basement.
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Not an electrical comment...but make sure you put in a pan and drain. Being it's on the second floor, either the single handle valves (that you shut off after each use) or some sort of floodstop device is probably warranted as well.

I don't think its required, but I'd probably try to get some sort of floor drain in and enclose the washer in some sort of curb....
Probably overkill, but a combination of a couple of these is good insurance.

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