Velobob: Wiring a Combo Switch


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Velobob: Wiring a Combo Switch

so, I have read the previous posts, but still can't figure it out....
I am replacing a single-pole light switch with a combo (light switch/receptacle) outlet.
The CURRENT light switch has a black wire going to one terminal, and two black wires going to the other terminal. There are other white wires in the outlet box that are wirenutted and NOT connected to the current switch.
The COMBO (that I want to install) has a silver and copper terminal on one side and two black terminals on the other side; the two blacks are connected with a removable jumper. There is also the green grounding terminal For what it's worth, it is a Leviton switch. HELP, please.
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Welcome to the forums!! You will need to determine which of the wires to your switch is "hot". Remove the power to the switch and remove the single black wire from it, capping it. Then remove the two wires from the switch, capping them together. Then pull out the bundle of whites, leaving them capped together. Install a pigtail piece of white wire in the bundle of whites and recap them together, leaving the pigtail exposed. You will connect this to the silver screw on the receptacle part of the new switch. With a non contact voltage detector, restore the power to the switch and check to see which black wire is "hot". Mark the cap with a marker. Remove the power. From that hot wire, install a black pigtail under the cap and leave the other end exposed. Install another pigtail to the remaining black wires (unless it is the single wire) capping it and leaving it exposed. Now, your black "hot" wire will be connected to the black screw on the new switch. The other black wire will be attached to the gold screw on the switch. The white wire will be hooked to the silver screw on the switch. Note, the two black screws are tied together with a connector, so they are really one screw. Either screw is fine.
Of course the bare wire goes to the green grounding screw, and it's worth a lot.
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two remaining questions...
1) what if I don't have a non-contact voltage detector? I have a VOM and circuit tester

2) what is the purpose of removing the connector between the black screws?
I want the socket always "live" and NOT controlled by the switch; do I leave the connector in, or do I remove it?

thanks again

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