fluorescent lights


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My kitchen is lighted by six 40watt fluorescent lights.
Each bulb is in its own fixture with its own ballast. The ballast is grounded to the fixture
There are no reflectors as the lights are behind a translucent set of panels.
One wall switch turns the lights on and off.
There are no starters. The Bulbs (Sylvania) are Ok for “any Fixture”.

I have been living here for 13 yrs. The first ten years there were no problems except for replacing worn out bulbs.

Scince then when I now turn the lights on, only two or three come on. If I then manipulate the other bulbs by hand I can get them all on. Sometimes its only necessary to touch the bulb and it comes on. Once they are all on they will stay on until I turn off with the switch.

I have replaced the ballasts and the bulb sockets on most of the fixtures . I even replaced the wall switch. I checked the voltage across the switch-it reads 120 volts. If I turn the switch rapidly on and off sometimes I can get an additional light on.

I can’t think of what else to do.
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I suggest that you replace all those single bulbs with one 4 tube 4' flourescent fixture. When you do install that new fixture suggested then be sure a bare equipment grounding conductor is connected to the frame of the flourescent fixture. This equipment grounding conductor causes a grounded feild that the flourescent obsorbs while in the start or ingintion stage of the fixture's bulbs lighting. This grounding field assist the light to better ignite its gases.

This replacing with one 4' 4 tube flourescent trouffer light does several advantages. The trouffer sets in the grids of the suspended cieling with a reflector cage that intensifies the lumens output. The trouffer also brings the bulbs closer to the surface allowing more deflection of the lumens of light. This trouffer also replaces the discolored transluscent lenses that are obsorbing a lot of the light. This trougher is you cheapest lighting output which shoud double the lighing output with 4 tubes than your existing 6 tube lighting output.

Try pricing a replacement recessed trouffer as suggested. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results and the cost factor. In one year you should save enough money in electrical usage cost with the new fixture to almost pay for that new fixture and all your problems of ghost lighting should have been solved.

Most ghost lighting of flourescent fixtures can be traced back to either weak ballasts or a lack of an equipment ground providing the grounding field assisting the lighting of those bulbs

Hope this helps

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fluorescent lights

Replacing the six fixtures with one fixture would mean remodeling the whole ceiling structure, and eliminating a fan in the center of the ceiling.
I will try your suggestion of grounding each fixture.

Thank you
Bill Grobman

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