Outlet Question


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Outlet Question

I'm going to be adding an outlet in my basement to power a DSL modem and network switch. There is a GFCI outlet in the basement that I never knew was there. I'm going to use that to power the new outlet. I'm confused how the GFCI outlet is wired though.

Both the cable running from the breaker and the cable leaving the box are connected to the Line side, why would that be (I'm going to be moving the wires from the backstabs to the screws when I add the new outlet)? The black wire on the cable leaving the box has white tape wrapped around the end, any idea why that was done? I'm not sure where the cable leaving the box goes or what its hooked up to, it isn't anything in the basement. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Don't remove the wires from the holes. They are not back stabs, but captive screw pressure points. Best method yet. By all the wiring being on the "line" side, the downline receptacles or lighting are not gfci protected. If you can determine which set is "downline", you can remove them to the "load" side, PROVIDED they are not serviced by another GFCI downline. For present situation, it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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If only lights down stream or receptacles in a finished living area they do not need to be GFCI protected.
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Is one set of wires #14 and one set #12? Looks like it just based on insulation which is not alwas an accurate indicator. If so what is the breaker size?

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